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Friday, June 13, 2014

Download a historic 78-page children's drawing book for free!

What to Draw and How to Draw was written in 1913 and is one of the public domain books from the New York Public Library on Open Archive online.

The book is copyright free and was uploaded by volunteers. You can read it online with your kids, or download it as a free pdf file, e-reader file, Kindle ebook, and more.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spell Up, A New Word Game From Google

The idea behind Spell Up, a new word game and Chrome Experiment is that it helps you improve your English using your voice—and a modern browser, of course. It’s like a virtual spelling bee, with a twist.
The goal of the game is to correctly spell the words you hear and stack them to build the highest word tower you can—letter by letter, word by word. The higher the tower gets, the more difficult the word challenges: You’ll be asked to pronounce words correctly, solve word jumbles and guess mystery words. You can earn bonuses and coins to level up faster.

Google worked with game designers and teachers to make Spell Up both fun and educational, and they encourage teachers to try it in the classroom. Spell Up works best in Chrome on your computer and on Android phones and tablets. (It also works on iPhones and iPads, but you’ll need to type rather than talk.) Whether you’re just learning English or you’re already a pro, check it out!

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Not As Hard As You Think

One of the questions we get asked the most is, "what curriculum do I need?" Let me just say that there is no right or wrong way to home school. The first step is to check the state home school education standards where you live and from there you the parent are able to customize the curriculum to fit each child.
The important thing to remember here is don't try to make it like public school! Think about why you are home schooling or have taken your child out of the public education system. Whether your child is a gifted learner or just needs some one on one help, you get to help them achieve their best learning experience because as their parent you know them best.

There are tons of boxed curriculum out there to pick and choose from and with a plethora of online schools popping up everywhere it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. But it is alright to pick and choose, to think outside of the boxed curriculum and gather resources from across the internet, used bookstores, etc. Some of the best resources I have found are available for free online, which is what Home School Freesource is about. But I have also found great textbooks, workbooks, etc at a local salvage store. So sometimes you find what you need in the most unlikely of places.

Don't feel discouraged mama, just remember each child/family is different and not everything will work for everyone.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Interactive Science Simulations

So I was going through my homeschool folder on my PC and located a page I had forgotten all about bookmarking. My son spent all day yesterday doing these fantastic science simulations and playing a space simulation game. I finally had to kick him off my PC at 7pm for dinner!
They were made by University of Colorado Boulder.

Plate Tectonics

Click to Run

If you have kids who like to play video games then they will probably get a kick out of these interactive science lessons. And you can tie them into whatever you are learning about in Science.

Phet Interactive Simulations

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Math Day vs Zombies

Today was Monday Math Day. Recently we surprised our son with a tablet of his own. OH JOY OF JOYS, he now has something to play Plants vs Zombies on...instead of my phone!

The tablet is mostly used for educational purposes, so today he enjoyed a great game called 'Math vs Zombies', where you must solve math problems correctly and in a timely manner in order to turn the zombies back into normal kids. (Don't fret mamas, this isn't gorey at all.)

Math Vs Zombies - screenshot thumbnail

After a few levels of Math vs Zombies we went on to counting money using another great app called 'Freefall Money - Coin Math' where upon after each level completed they can choose a prize to add to their virtual aquarium. I had no idea this was part of it at first, but we were rather excited about it since we are coral reef keepers here in our household.

Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail

He had so much fun with this one and couldn't wait to finish each level and get prizes for his aquarium.

Let us know what you think of the apps listed!